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How To Choose The Best dog breeds for your family

Dogs are special pets. In fact, a dog has always been man’s best friend. This is where you need to take caution. It is not every dog that can be your family’s best friend. There are factors you need to consider. Some dogs can end up being your family’s worst enemies. Well, at least this is calling a spade a spade the blunt way. It saves time and energy if you ask me.

The Best dog breeds for family fun are those that are safe for kids. The rest of the family can fit in with ease. When considering the best breed, you also need to know other factors. For example, some dogs are only friendly with a particular gender. In some cases, you can find a breed which is only friendly with a particular age group. Get this right, you cannot ignore these factors if you need peace in your home.

Size of the dog

What about the size of your dog? Well, it is also an important factor. If that bull dog is too big, you may have some concerns. Some of your kids will be failing to play with it. This is especially true if your kids are too small. The giant can be bumping into them and causing them to fall. In some cases, you may find that the dog is small and less friendly. Again, this may not be a good choice.

Caring for the dog

How much time and expense will you need to take care of the dog daily? If the expense is too much, you have to sit back reconsider your choice. Whatever you do, make sure that you can manage to take care of your dog according to expert recommendations. There are some breeds that are so neat and delicate that you even feel uncomfortable. Well, don’t give in at this point. You can manage if your mindset is into it. The neat fur you see comes from consistent cleaning.

Energy levels

the question you should be asking is ‘what do I need to do with the dog?’ If you intend to go jogging or mountain hiking with it, then you need an energetic dog. There are no two ways about it. Again, if you want that dog to play some games with your family, pick the right breed. The bottom line is that if you pick a wrong breed, you spoil the fun. The Best dog breeds for family activities should be active. Forget about the sleeping bull dog which is always slumbering away.

Friendliness of the dog

There are some dog breeds that are not friendly around people. In some cases, they can be friendly with a few people. This is not a good quality. Such dogs can go through mood swings that can put you and your family in danger. There are also times when a dog is friendly only to one person. The rest of you need to trade with caution! This is also not a good choice. There are also breeds which tend to be possessive. No one should dare to touch anything deemed ‘personal’ to the dog. If you try it, you get the punishment right away.

Now, will all these facts in mind, you have a clear choice to make. That dog has to be friendly to all family members. If you notice any hostility again some members of the family, revisit your choice.

Friendliness with other pets

Before we even discuss this aspect, find out if the pet eats raw meat. This is a bad starting point. If it enjoys raw meat, then you can be sure that it will be salivating at the sight of other pets. When you look away, you’ll find your favorite parrot turned into dinner! Thank me later.

Now, think about this, why get a dog which is hostile to other pets? Will it benefit you? Of course not. If the dog fails to get along with other pets, it is not safe. You are putting the other pets in danger. Your dog is also a pet. It should get along with all the pets in the house. Unless this pet is part of your menu and it is on the plate ready for munching! That’s a whole different story.

How old is too old?

What kind of question is that, you may wonder. Yes, we need to ask anyway. Is there anything like the best age for your dog? There are other factors that take center stage in this case. If you are looking forward to raining a puppy, that’s fine. This way, you will groom it your way. If you want, you can even train it to dance like a brokenhearted princess! This is usually a good option when you have very young children. They will grow with it and learn its habits. In most cases, it will also be easy for the kids to relate with it.

Now the catch about age is that, you can find a good breed, but it looks old. Should this be a negative factor? Not at all! If the dog can relate with everyone, it has the energy levels and you can manage it, then get it. But, if it is young, rough, stubborn or hostile to the family, stay away from it. Don’t say you were never warned. This is timely warning for you.

The lifestyle of your family

This factor is on top of the list. If your lifestyle involves running around town with kids, then you need an energetic dog. Especially if you allow your dog to run with you. Again, if you are in the habit of playing fetching games with pets, then you also need an energetic type. But, if you are all too busy and sitting around the house most of the time, you won’t need an energetic one. In this case, find that breed which looks fancy but lazing around your house. It’s your choice and we can’t argue with your family.

This explains why some families consult each other on this issue. It is a way of making sure you are all on the same page. During that meeting, you can decide the Best dog breeds for family needs.

Your budget for pets

If you are running low on funds for your current pets, then think again. Do you need to add another pet to your list? Of course not! Check your budget and make sure that it is able to sustain the new comer. In the budgeting process, look at all areas. Start with the food it will be eating. The daily supply of food spread over a full month is what you are looking at. Before considering a month, break them into unite of weeks. At the end of it, you will have a round picture.

Apart from food, there are also other needs to consider. These may include things like washing the fur with the right chemicals. Once again, you should know how much you will spend. Do not forget to include all the logistics support to take care of vaccinations. Does that look like a long list? Actually, this one has gone through some heavy trimming. The actual list is much heavier than that. This is because, there are other aspects that come in without warning. These contingencies must be on your budget too. Plan in advance so that you can get that dog with open eyes.

Creating a comprehensive activity list

Even if you are well organized, writing down is always good. When do you plan to take the dog for walks? Do you intend to play with it? How long is that supposed to take? Who will be responsible during this time? Providing answers to these questions is good for excellent decisions.

You have to make a list of the most important family activities. Remember to include other activities that are less popular. As long as your family is into an activity, you have to include it. The list can include items like walking, jogging, gaming, mealtimes, camping and others.

Breeds that make good family pets

Now this is where your selection reaches the apex. There are many varieties of dogs at your disposal. Some of them could be too small for your liking. But other may also look too big to be useful. Size is not the only determining factor. The list below provides some of the Best dog breeds for family pets.

The golden Retriever: This is the number one choice for your hyper family. It is intelligent and is friendly with any family member. It enjoys playing games and can fit into family arrangements without problems.

Labroder Retriever: For a family with kids, you need this trainable breed is a good choice. It is intelligent or smart, patient and friendly to a variety of people. Of course, this has to include your family members.

Irish Setter: This is a special dog for your family. It will not rough up your kids or intimidate their nannies. The Irish Setter loves playing games, is friendly and enjoys being around kids. It makes another good choice for the family. You can also train it to suit your family activities in time.

Vizsla: Your super active family needs a dog which is ready for extra exercises. This breed is suitable for such a family. This means that your family is full of athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

Newfoundland: This intelligent dog is on top of the list for families with kids. It is intelligent and excellent for young children due to its friendly nature. You can enjoy having it without issues.


Choosing the right dog breed needs attention. Never rush this activity if you want the best results. Discuss all the requirements you have as a family. Even if a dog looks attractive, you do not need to go for it without analyzing all corners. Take your time and make sure you are ready to sustain and keep that pet. Dog is man’s best friend only when you do things the right way. Get all the information you need about dogs. Now, start keeping that beautiful dog today.

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