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When it comes to the health of your dog, there are many pieces of advice you will receive. Most of the well-meaning family and friends will give you their opinions. In most cases, these opinions may be a product of their personal experience. This is not so reliable. You need to look at Common dog diseases (Cause and solution) so that you get the best results. When you understand the causes, you will also know the effects. You can also add more meaning to each item by looking at other factors too. If you need to know How to Keep Your Dog Healthy, then do read.

Diseases are one part of the heath that needs care. But this is not all there is to the health of your dog. You also need to make sure that dietary issues are not standing in the way. We will get to further details on that item in a while. But to make the matter simple and straight, a balanced view is always in order. Here are some issues worth considering when dealing with the health of your dog.

Keep your dog active

If your dog is always locked up in the house without moving, then you are missing out. Depending on the nature of your dog, you may decide to keep it active. The amount of activity varies in each dog according to breed and size. In some cases, the same dog locked up in the house needs indoor games. While in other cases, your dog may need more outdoor activities. What you do with one breed may not be the exact routine you follow with another one. Even if they are of the same age. You could find that you are actually punishing your dog for nothing and this is not How to Keep Your Dog Healthy.

In any case, always make sure that your dog has enough exercise. If it is missing out completely in this area, you have another thing coming. There are small problems that are easy to correct with an active lifestyle. That is why you do not have to rule it out completely. Whenever you consider Common dog diseases (Cause and solution) this is sensitive. Avoid quick actions that seem to be solving the problem while in actual sense they are not.

A well-balanced diet

If you are thinking of keeping a dog that looks nice, then start with good food. This is one of the best ways of shining up your dog. It will be easy to tell even by looking at the hair of your dog. If you have been feeding it well, the hair will show. If you have been giving any food that comes to mind, again it will show. But it’s not the hair alone. A healthy dog is easy to see even by its posture. When it moves with energy, it is easy to know How to Keep Your Dog Healthy. If it is not well fed, it will be thin and weak.

A well-balanced diet is a good starting point. It is an indicator of how much you care about your dog. The immune system strengthened when the diet is good. But if you have loopholes in the diet, you will have a weak immune system. Taking care of diseases is much easier with a balanced diet. By reading all this, you won’t have any confusion about How to Keep Your Dog Healthy at all.

Immunization according to recommendations

Now, this is the part that makes life easier and more interesting. If you think you have some ideas about immunization you need to take heart. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. These have already gone through extensive tests. Every drug and vaccine used is not a product of trial and error. All the side effects and related issues are not coming for the first time. The specialists know them all in detail.

The immunizations done in a year are all well established. The intervals are not determined by emotions. This can be drastic and dangerous. They are well determined at the end of the day. Take your dog for immunization and do the right thing. Act for the sake of your dog so that it remains safe. If you leave things to chance, nothing will work out.

Routine check-ups

The same way humans go for check-ups, you should also take your dogs for the same. In some cases, break such a routine when you observe some unusual behavior. You could be suspecting that there is something wrong. And you could be right about your observation. All you need to do is take your time and see to it that you get to the specialists. If by any chance you suspect that it is some serious matter, you can change your routine. Let the veterinary office carry out a full routine checkup.

Look out for cancers

Cancers come from the abnormal development of cells. In the same way, it infects humans, it also attacks animals. When they start developing, you have to be on the lookout. Sometimes, you will see strange signs developing on your dog. But some signs you can hack include swelling, bad breath, and inflammations in general. When you see such signs, you have to be ready to act. Take your dog to the veterinary officer. They will check your dog and prescribe the right treatment.

Cancer cannot end in suspicions. You have to be sure that it is actually present. This requires a biopsy which can go for tests. Then after confirming, treatment can start. A common kind of treatment involves using chemotherapy. In this way, the cancerous cells will die. The only giveaway to this option is that it also kills the normal cells with the abnormal ones. In any treatment side effects are there. That is why, when one treatment has issues, you can try another one. This means that even the treatment of cancer does not come with one method. There are many remedies at your disposal. But only stick with what the expert will recommend. Avoid making your own assumptions as that won’t help you with the topic of How to Keep Your Dog Healthy.

Protect your dog against Heartworm

This is one of those diseases that attack the heart. Before reaching the heart, they travel through the bloodstream. As they do that, it is not the heart alone that is in peril. Other organs like the lungs are also in trouble. But the heart is the hardest hit of all. This explains why Common dog diseases (Cause and solution) approaches are comprehensive. You don’t look at one symptom and get away with it. You have to try to balance things and make your risks clear. If you miss out on some steps, then you will also regret it in the future.

Since the heartworm travels in the blood, the testing should also follow the same. A blood test is a sure way to confirm the presence of this problem. But there are also other screening methods used to detect the presence of the disease. Once done you can cast away those doubts and move on.

You can see symptoms of the disease when your dog has some reactions. Some of them include labored breathing, vomiting, coughing, and weight loss. These cannot be a sure way of confirming that a disease is present. Further tests should take place on your dog. Once diagnosed, treatment can start. But since they say that prevention is better than cure, try that route. In other words, there is a pill for use in this area. The dog has to chew the drug so that it is safe against the disease.

Don’t Forget Rabies

Rabies has been on the face of the earth for many years. It is a dangerous disease that affects the brain and spinal cord of an animal. This is a kind of disease contracted by a bite from an infected animal. Even the saliva from such an animal can enter your body and cause an infection.

If you are suspecting rabies, take heart. Some symptoms will never miss out on the list. But you may notice your dog biting whenever there is some stimulus. It also develops a habit of biting strange objects. In fact, it bites and licks the same area many times. Some dogs may also develop high fever and hypertension. Tests are important so that you know the situation of your dog. Fear of the unknown can be powerful. If you have some real fears, you can even try to deal with them first.

Rabies is treatable and we don’t need to overemphasize that. If your dog catches it, you will have to visit the animal doctor. They will check on it and put it on treatment so that the problem clears off once and for all.


If you want to stick around a healthy dog, do your part. Never leave anything to chance. Start by looking at the symptoms before going on to something else. Give your dog the best food and make sure it remains healthy. If you want to hack for other conditions, check the lifestyle of your dog. Help it to maintain habits that are useful and active. When you do all this, you should be sure that the dog will be healthy all the time. Yes, open up and balance your way of doing things. Keep a healthy dog and never take chances. The Common dog diseases can only be fatal when left unchecked.

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